Why a Love Affair, when you make the first move.

“What’s the point of confessing your love for someone, when they don’t return their confess feelings back for you,
But like they didn’t really had any real feeling for you, when you made love to the person, even if it was an love affair,
They don’t share the same feelings for you, but have an other that they elope with, instead of you, even know that’s wrong too.
It makes you feel like a left over dinner, that get’s thrown out to the dogs, or worst to be kill’ed, but you just to smart and to much well power to live on with”,
‘Love sucks, no matter what you do with your love for someone, right or wrong.’

~Michael Harrison~

My Favorite Movie Hackers from when I stand up for myself with a gangster wannabe.

Okay I like this movie a lot even know I don’t like drama movies, but this one was really good when I seen it on VHS in 96 I think. I seen this movie sometime after when I stand up for myself with a gangster town wannabe. I was surprise that the other gang members didn’t gang up on me after hitting one of their gang members when I was walking away after I hit him. I’m actuarially friends with the person who use to be the head gang member in that small town gang, funny how life works that way. I also think the gang members didn’t like the guy I hit that much maybe, but who knows?PDVD_025

Anyways I also like the love drama in this movie with Kate and David and Kate reminds me of an old crush I had.

But besides that the drama of it is really good in the movie of the hackers who being set up by someone.

Okay thinking on writing something for TC Streetvoices magazine that my roommate is part of and she say’s it pays $10 for an article.

Okay TC Streetvoices  like to hear about people stories and I have a lot of stories from my life that time and nice people heal for me, but I to like to help people now, from when I was younger from being cold-hearted and looking out for number 1, me. I also know someone else who part of it, with. her 2 sons of being my friends, when I was living in Empire.

I had a lot of drama when I was in school and out of school with personal problems and still have a lot of love to give to people and I to make stupid mistakes once in while and things I don’t mean to do, but I am human after all.PDVD_035So what can I use from my life experiences, that can help people out, even these young teen people who dealing with school problems of their own, that they can get from my past experiences in my life.


Theirs a lot that’s in out lives that we can use to help other people with in their lives that we can feel good about to help them grow and ourselves to grow to become stronger. I do have a lot to share for people and what I learn through my experiences in my life, so I might think of something I can write an article for TC Street Voices, to get pay $10 for and if people can get something out of it, and that will be worth more than the $10 for it, even know they do editing, for how they think it will work in their magazine.


Cowboy Bebop talk and on an American live acton TV show on Cowboy Bebop

Okay I have the remix of Cowboy Bebop DVD’s, but I just during episodes 1,3, and 5 because I going to talk about the American live action TV show, that sure post to be in the making or going to be in the making, and it might be kind of good, and if they stick to the main story to Spik Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and Ed and of the other characters like Julia and Vicious that fits in the main story line of Cowboy Bebop. Okay I like the first DVD volume of Cowboy Bebop of the first 5 episodes, that gets the main story started.

Okay the first episode is kind of neat how they started it off with.

The 3rd episode they just show Faye Valentine as a poker card dealer who needs to get a poker chip with a micro chip inside of it, because they get more into her story later on, like the middle of Cowboy Bebop. Okay the 5th episode that’s starts off with Spike Spiegel story and of his girl with Vicious.

Okay this where I going to end this blog at.

Last talk on FLCL

Okay I just watch my last DVD of it because they have 3 volumes with 2 episodes on a DVD. At the time I didn’t see why they did that, but I can see now, because their was only 6 episodes of FLCL, so they needed to make money off it right, and the Manga is only 2 volumes of it also, so that will be kind of hard to get a lot of money off it, but they made it short for a reason, because it wouldn’t have done good if it was longer with the robot fighting scenes. It would have been getting old after an awhile from during so many fighting scenes like that. PDVD_003I also like how they did a South Park crossover lol, that was kind of sweet I think.

They also been during like a play war thing that was kind of cool, I think. The war is over Haruko of Naota and his farther both liking her, but Haruko don’t like him or like Naota like he likes her.

So anyways Naota likes Haruko a lot, but also his older bother who’s a baseball player in America, who has American girlfriend, but Ninormai his getting close with Naota, but they don’t really show why, maybe she likes him or she wants comfort. So anyways Naota likes Haruko, because he’s getting confuse with his emotions with Haruko using him to get the Pirate King.

So yeah FLCL ends really good with the last 2 episodes.

FLCL episodes 2 and 3 and more talk of FLCL

Okay on episode 2 Naota get a lead role in a school play call Puss-n-Boots that Ninamori is the class president that regs the votes for that to happen.

They also have a little connection with each other that is a neat friend connection story with them. Also Ninamori farther is mayor and theirs talk about her farther having an affair with someone, but they really don’t get into that, but is a side story to Ninamori personal life with her parents.

So I like the connection they show between Naota and Ninamori and how they have become closer friends in episode 2.

Okay to episode 3 that they talk about baseball talk with like in relationships ways and how you need to take action in some situations, it’s in between the line stuff that you need to pay close attention to, but it’s good, if you pick up on it.

Also there is little confusion with Naota and his farther and a robot that looks like his farther with the ailen.

Their also an agent that comes in the picture and a girl who works with him and he knows about the alien.


Okay I’m a big fan of FLCL and waiting on the sequel on Toonami. I thinking it will be good and I like to see where it starts off at and if their are new characters with some old characters. I like to see Naota Nandaba and Haruko Haruhara in the new FLCL because they are the main characters right.PDVD_004

I hoping they keep the same comedy with the love drama into the sequel because that made it kind of good.

There also good small stories with the characters that I like to try to figure the characters out with. I might do more on them when I watch episodes 3-6, but I just watch episode 1 and 2 for now, but I have watch it over 7 times maybe on Toonami and DVD’s, that I own and read the Mangas of it, and those the only Mangas that I have and read.

Okay of FLCL in general, is very good and I will like to see where it goes in the sequel and how Toonami trailers of it will be like when they air them and post them on the web.


Okay last blog of Death Note and their are spoilers for ones who haven’t seen it yet.

Okay first I want to talk about Matt a little bet, because they don’t show him all that much just a few scenes, but I gotten few photos that I like of him.

They also show him few scenes before these photos but I like these scenes better because it makes him looks like a badass. Okay there is also an X-Kira that’s been transfer the note book.PDVD_128He uses the note-book as he think the real Kira will use it.

Okay but I did get to the end of Death Note and they found out that Light is Kira by Near.

Okay Light is going mad, that Near got him with fake pages in the real Death Note, when he was about to beat Near with X-Kira. Okay photos of that to end my blog with.


More Death Note talk

Okay I like how they show president George Bush in this, even know they don’t say his name and don’t really make him look like George Bush, but we all know is sure post to be him. Okay besides that, L is dead before this, PDVD_155and I think all main or side main characters is sad when they die. Also Near and Mello is in the picture now

Okay Mello and Near don’t work good together but they having it out who get’s the real First Kira first after L death. Okay we can not denied Light and L had some type of friend connection even know Kira was using the friendship with L to gain his trust and same with L with Light to get the information of him being Kira.

Okay L and Light had a good battle with each other and now that Near is next in line of being like L and Light is L number 2, that Near knows is the fake L. So now Near feels like L to Light because of him being kind of like him, but better than L is, or seems like he his.

Okay now about Mello and of Light farther having the Shinigami deal with the Shinigami eyes and he can see Mello real name that he writes Mello first name down, but not his last name down. That ends up having Light farther dies.

But his farther think he isn’t Kira so it makes him happy to think his son isn’t Kira. So now about Mello and how he’s after Kira and he told Near some rules in the note-book are fake, and about the Shinigamis, God of Deaths are real.PDVD_167

Okay also with Near being right on top of Kira gets him mad, that Near got him.

Okay the last picture isn’t about Near but after L dies. Also Light does a thing with the 2 Death Notes earlier in season 1.

Okay to end this blog with some Kira going mad of power, pictures.

Okay more Death Note talk and the last blog for the day.

Okay Misa meet Light and Light say he will act like Misa boyfriend and Misa say she try to make Light love her. They also touch each other Death Notes or part of them so they can see each other Shinigamis’

“I really want to be immature on this when saying ‘each other Shinigami’s’ because it sounds like a sexual thing” and I already know people already been on the internet and did immatures things already on the internet, and if I Google search “Touching Shinigamis” I will get Death Note Anime Porn I bet. Hey I should make that a key word, so it will become on top of Google searches, lol.

So anyways L knows about the 2nd Kira and Light’s plan of trying to kill him with working with the other Kira. That’s what with the cell phones and you know this before smart phones, since the cell phones are smaller than smart phones are right, also it went good with my immature joke.

So anyways Light and Misa is in confinement.


Anything on my mind that I want to share with you.

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